About our Adventure


Kieran and Alina here!  After years of talking about further exploring the world, we have finally decided to pack up our lovely home outside of San Francisco, CA, quit our cushy Silicon Valley jobs, say goodbye to our families (in SF and in Dayna and AlysaIreland) and buy a ticket to South America and travel the world for about 6 months!Girls w Grandma LA

The toughest part of leaving is not knowing of what happens after the travels and of course saying “see ya later” to our family, friends and our adoring Chihuahua (Paloma), who will be living with Alina’s family for the time Fambeing (we did buy a miniature toy Paloma who will be seeing the world with us).

Lima, Peru is our first stop and if you are curious about where we might end up next and you want to follow along in our adventures, please subscribe to this blog. Here, you will find weekly (hopefully) updates and useful informational entries (such as recommended gear to pack, vaccinations, medicines to bring, booking flights and hotel/food recommendations).

Any and all feedback/questions/comments are welcome and if you are also traveling, let us know –  we would love to meet up!