Road Trip: Colorado

Getting In To reach Denver we drove north from New Mexico spending a night en route in Colorado Springs. We didn’t have any time to explore as we arrived late in the evening but I did manage to enjoy my first local Colorado brew at Red Leg Brewing Company. In addition to my … Read More

Road Trip: New Mexico

Getting In: A year late, but hey, better late than never, right?  Where did we leave off?  Oh right, Nashville, TN and Little Rock Arkansas with a quick drive through TX.  One may ask why did we skip a quarter of America and went basically straight from Nashville, TN to … Read More

Road Trip: Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas

Getting In After having a blast in Birmingham, we had to decide whether to drive south towards Louisiana or north towards Tennessee. However, as life would have it, the decision was made for us when we found out that heavy rains had flooded roads around New Orleans. Therefore, we decided to make our way … Read More

Road Trip: Georgia and Alabama

Getting In The drive from Charleston to Savannah is a little more than 2 hours and not particularly picturesque. En route is a popular historic site called Old Sheldon Church Ruins but after a slight detour we found it to be temporarily closed to the public due to renovation works. This was an omen for other … Read More

Road Trip: the Carolinas!

After a history and museum heavy trip to Washington DC, we decided that it was time to get going on our food tour through the South, starting with the Carolinas!  Here is the route:Our first stop was in Durham, NC at a beautiful Airbnb with really lovely hosts, Alice and … Read More

Road Trip: Washington DC

Getting In We began our journey to Washington DC with an early morning visit to the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania. The site is thoughtfully designed and operated by the National Park Service. A reservation is required to enter the visitor center though a limited number of walk-up tickets can be acquired … Read More

Road Trip: Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey

After Boston, we had no plans other than renting an Airbnb in New Hartford, Connecticut for Labor day weekend.  What is in New Hartford, one may ask?  NOTHING – other than a really nice and inexpensive Airbnb in the middle of nowhere which is exactly what we wanted after a … Read More

Road Trip: Massachusetts

Neither Alina nor I had visited Boston (pronounced: BAH-STAN) previously so we were eager to check it out and see what it had to offer. Finding affordable accommodation downtown is next to impossible on a modest budget. After lots of inquiries we finally secured an AirBnB room (with private bathroom) in the suburb … Read More